Background & Aims

The Implementing Transnational Telemedicine Solutions project was based on the work of the previous EU-funded Competitive Health project. A background of health services and eHealth applications for the partner countries; Scotland, Finland, Norway and Sweden can be found in the publication Portfolio of eHealth Applications.

This project drew on the experience of previous relevant funded projects including:

  • Competitive Health, which aimed to find ways to enhance the provision and accessibility of health services in the sparsely populated regions of Europe by developing and implementing innovative eHealth solutions and promoting transfer of the best eHealth practices across the Northern Periphery. We have drawn on the findings of Competitive Health, and will use The Roadmap to Transnational Exchange of eHealth Innovation, which describes the steps involved in implementation of projects.
  • Remote Telematic Solutions for patient diagnoses and training of health care professionals in sparsely populated areas (Remedy).
  • MyHealth@age, which aimed to provide products and services making it possible forelderly people to feel safer and live a more active and healthy life.


The objective of this strategic project was to implement transnational telemedicine solutions at scale across the Northern Periphery Programme area.

Ten demonstrator projects were initiated across the NPP area. These solutions aimed to display the following attributes:

  • Enable the uptake of transnational best practice
  • Foster the development of transnational knowledge exchanges
  • Create urban-rural partnerships in a triple helix context to deliver telemedicine
  • Implement innovative health service solutions in the periphery
  • Improve accessibilty by situating services in local communities, or in patients' homes
  • Reduce unnecessary hospital visits and reduce travel for patients and staff
  • Normalise the use of technology into everyday practice
  • Sustain solutions beyond the life of this project
  • Demonstrate cost effective service delivery and provide a return on investment to other geographical areas, and specialties
  • Provide impetus for the further uptake of telemedicince services to other geographical areas, and specialties
  • Assist in the development of eHealth as a key business sector in the region