WP1 - Management, coordination and communication

Strategic Focus

Management of the project activities in compliance with project objectives, NPP guidelines and International Steering Group guidance. To ensure effective dissemination and communication of the project outputs and achievements.


This work package consists of management, coordination and communication for the project and will also develop and implement a strategy for informing policy across the partnership countries.

This work package will coordinate the project activity. The Lead Partner has appointed a Project Manager to manage the project and liaise with all partner countries, monitoring progress and providing guidance. It has established the International Steering Group (ISG), a Finance & Administration Committee and a Communications Committee. Each of these has representation from all partner countries to ensure transnationality through joint decision making and actions. It will be responsible for collating all progress and financial reports and auditing. It will implement the communication, dissemination and policy informing strategies, as agreed by the ISG.

Other key tasks include: setting up decision making processes; organising project partnership agreements and sub-contracts; organising project partner meetings; transnational exchange events and policy informing events; implementing the communications and dissemination strategy; collating the financial and progress reports, and ensuring effective communication between the project and NPP Secretariat.

Responsible Partner

Scotland, Lead Partner

Involved Partners


Expected Outcome

Overall management of the project, ensuring progress as set out in the application. Establishment of International Steering Group and Committees. Setting up decision making processes. Organising project partnership agreements and sub-contracts. Organising project partner meetings, transnational exchange events and policy informing events. Implementing the communications and dissemination strategy. Collating the financial and progress reports. Effective communication between the project and NPP Secretariat.