WP2 - Telemedicine expertise to ensure excellence of the project

Strategic Focus

To ensure that the project is conducted to the high level expected of a strategic grant; ensuring the excellence throughout all stages of the project.


This work package involves the creation of an International Telemedicine Advisory Service (ITAS) bringing together clusters of expertise. This service will provide expert advice on the selection, design, implementation and evaluation of demonstrator projects, and will run from the outset of the project to the end, and beyond. In short, ITAS will be at the core of the project, and will have the key function of ensuring the excellence throughout all stages of the project.

ITAS forms a triple helix partnership consisting of academic experts, experienced service providers, clinicians, policy makers, enterprise and business representatives. ITAS will advise the International Steering Group (ISG), and oversee the work conducted by the researcher(s). ITAS will encourage the growth of clinician networks within the project and will also have the broader role of linking into developing the eHealth business sector across the region within and beyond the time frame of the project. ITAS will link into other relevent telemedicine expert forums. A business plan will be written to plan for the sustainability of ITAS beyond the project.

Responsible Partner

Norway will lead; all Partners will provide experts to participate.

Involved Partners


Expected Outcome

A sustainable triple helix partnership, with telemedicine expertise from within the NPP region and beyond, to oversee the selection, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of the 10 demonstrator projects and to assist in the development of eHealth as a business sector in the region.