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Oulu Arc Subregion

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Remote Support in Medical and Social Care Emergencies

Remote Exercise Classes for Rehabilitation

Remote Support for Patients with Multimorbidity

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Exporting Projects

A 'remote diabetes doctor service' is delivered via VC with a specialist based in the nearest city, Oulu (40-90 kilometers away).

Patients attend appointments in a local primary health care centre with a specialised nurse present to assist the doctor who attends via VC.


Oulu Arc is located in rural Northern Finland, near the city of Oulu. The area is sparsely populated with an ageing demographic.

Oulu Arc is working as a joint force in delivering health and social care services in the area.

Telemedicine services, which are mostly based on videoconference (VC), have been developed and used in the Oulu Arc area for several years.

Meet the Team

ITTS Finland Project Team

Left to right: Petri Anttila, Tiina Vuononvirta, Anne Kaattari, Ritva Leinonen, Matti Matero

Associated Partners

Mawell Ltd will act as a strategic partner, helping to develop and implement self-management services.

Latest News

ITTS team recently attended a calendar of meetings with key decision makers within the Oulu Joint Authority, a partnership comprising legal, health and social services for five municipalities in northern Finland: Ii, Pudasjärvi, Simo, Utajärvi, and Vaala. It is hoped to secure funding for the continued implementation of ITTS services across the partnership area into the future.