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TelemonitoringNI Managed Service was procured by CCHSC on behalf of the 5 HSC Trusts in Mar 2011. This regional service is capable of providing telehealth monitoring up to 3,500 patients over a 6-year period. It will enable the collation of patients' vital signs from their home, for conditions such as diabetes, COPD, CHF and secondary prevention of stroke management.

A dedicated nursing triage team will provide first line support to the patients when their vital signs exceed set thresholds which trigger an alert. During the triage process the nursing team will make contact with patient to discuss their readings as well as provide them with relevant support and patient education. The triage team will also use their clinical judgement and, where appropriate, pass on the results of their assessment to local response teams based in the Trusts. The patient’s nurse and/or doctor will have access to these readings and other information and will be able to view them on their computer screens. They will then make contact with the patient and take the appropriate actions.

Patients/carers will also be able to review the readings via a portal which will have links to relevant websites pertaining to their condition.

TelemonitoringNI Service went “live” on the 8th December 2011 and we anticipate for April ’11 – March ’12, 1,500 people will have received telemonitoring; including patients on telemonitoring pilots implemented prior to TelemonitoringNI.

A website to provide information about the service to patients/carers as well as health professionals has been developed:


The Centre for Connected Health and Social Care (CCHSC) is part of the Public Health Agency and has been established to promote improvements in patient care through the use of technology and innovation in the Health and Social Care (HSC) system in Northern Ireland. By participating in this project, it is envisaged that the project will help improve the patient and client experience, and provide better quality and more effective care in rural areas.

CCHSC have successful experience in delivering large scale deployment in telehealth and have supported pilots using telemedicine between clinicians and patients. The project results obtained and lessons learnt will be shared with other interested parties in the UK and Europe. The evidence from any research and evaluation gained will also be used to influence stakeholders in Northern Ireland on the viability for large scale deployment of telemedicine, which has the potential to transform health delivery in the Northern Periphery.

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ITTS Northern Ireland Project Team

Left to right: Judith Moore, Penny Hobson, Christine Breen, Eddie Ritson, Soo Hun, Kevin McMahon, Orla McGivern, Roisin Toner, Catherine Sheeran, Mary Emerson

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