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18 July 2013

ITTS present at EMBC conference in Osaka, Japan

ITTS join eHealth experts at 35th IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society conference in Osaka, Japan.

The ITTS team were invited to present a talk about the project at the 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, held in Osaka, Japan in July. Dr Leila Eadie, the project’s Research Fellow, presented details about ITTS as part of a special session called “Panasonic Presents: Meet the Experts of e-Health Projects”, which also included talks from researchers in Estonia, Australia and the USA.

The conference was particularly large, covering topics as diverse as telemedicine and translational genetics, brain-machine interfaces and image processing, but a major focus was on “big data” – the multitude of data that is generated by electronic health records, tests, sensors and telemonitoring. The meeting offered the chance to meet a varied group of people and discuss opportunities to collaborate on future work, as well as discovering details about the latest research and innovations. Various cultural activities were also on offer to help attendees to find out about Japanese culture, lifestyle and food, and all were very impressive and enjoyable.

The presentation on ITTS was well received, with interest and questions from the international audience, and a number of beneficial contacts were made, which we hope to follow up on when ITTS progresses to seeking new projects and collaborations in the future.

The EMBC meeting was a wonderful opportunity to experience a different culture and connect with people from a wide range of research interests and backgrounds. My feeling was that ITTS sparked people’s interest and I hope we can create alliances to take the ITTS ideas, projects and learning points in new directions and to new geographical areas in the future.

Dr Leila Eadie, Research Fellow (ITTS) 

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