Smartphones and Internet Support for Diabetes

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Self-help tools on a mobile platform enables diabetic patients (and other patient groups) to self-monitor their disease. Functionality can cover food intake, physical activity and blood glucose measures as well as a personal goal-setting module for following up on own achievements. Self Care Platforms or patient portals in some instances can also be used by patients to request an appointment, check laboratory results or to send a question to a nurse or doctor and receive answers. The partner countries have a variety of self-help platforms and experience in their implementation.

Lately, the issues are turning more and more on the challenges connected to the implementation of such tools and services. ITTS has enabled the partner countries to engage in knowledge exchange, to learn from each other and to better understand what are the barriers to implementation and how these can be avoided.

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Further information on Diabetes

Poster presentation video from the recent Scottish School of Primary Care (SSPC) Annual conference. In this video, Dr Leila Eadie discusses the use of international experience and technology to improve diabetes care. View the video on the ITTS YouTube channel.

U-tell Diabetes video: The link below provides a short video walk-though of the new u-tell-diabetes system. The video covers both staff and patient use of the Web view of the system. The video shows the stage that was in pre-release phase at the time (Sept 2011) and may have been updated since then.  u tell video