Latest Activity - Smartphones and Internet Support for Diabetes

Latest Activity

Plans are now in place to hold a knowledge exchange workshop between clinicians, patients and technology experts with the view to gathering ideas for new projects to facilitate care for people with diabetes.

The 2-day event, to be held in Northern Ireland in November 2013, will focus on the use of technology to support and enhance care delivery for patients with type I* diabetes, with the overall aim of improving disease control and quality of life. A series of workshop sessions will take place to promote discussion of what works, what doesn’t – and why – and will connect people with various expertise together.

Experts/clinicians from each of the ITTS Partner countries, industry and patient group representatives will take part in a series of workshops designed to promote discussion of what works, what doesn't, and why. By bringing everyone together, it is hoped to produce valuable ideas and concrete plans for future collaboration.

Click here for further details of the agenda.

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*the rationale for focussing on type I patients is that this group has a longer duration of disease, shorter lifespan, more associated conditions and disease complications. These patients are often more open to and willing to use technology, and appreciate flexibility as they are of working age. There is the possibility that a lot of outcomes related to this group will also be useful for type II patients.