Remote Exercise Classes for Rehabilitation

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Remote exercise classes can be used in the rehabilitation of a number of long-term conditions such as COPD, ischemic heart disease and stroke. Patients who live remotely from clinics or have travel difficulties may be unable to attend rehabilitation groups.

  • A home-based solution, or one available closer to home (e.g. in a local healthcare centre), offers these patients the opportunity to take part in these classes, ensuring they realise the same clinical, social and educational benefits as those living closer to larger clinics.
  • A technology solution using internet based VC enables patients to view their physiotherapist and other class members at the same time.

The exercise programmes are designed in a similar format to those run in regular exercise classes, but using equipment readily available in or near the home. The physiotherapist is able to monitor the patients by seeing and speaking to them and also by remote monitoring using equipment appropriate to the particular condition.


Demonstrator Project team leader: Gillian Galloway


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