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Established telecare services are in place in the Oulu Arc area of northern Finland; the basic model of telecare is quite similar to that followed in Scotland. Although there is a 24-hour response service supporting home telecare, interaction is only by voice making it difficult to evaluate what kind of help is needed. Therefore, one of the key challenges is the high incidence of false and unnecessary alerts. Through ITTS, Finland have addressed the need to monitor a patient's condition and actions in 'real time' through the integration of telecare and videoconferencing.

An interactive patient care (IPC) solution - delivered by 9Solutions - is now installed at a nursing home in Utajärvi, northern Finland. The IPC system's wired and wireless buttons enable emergency and assistance calls everywhere within the premises. The patient is able to move around the premises freely, whilst individualised safety rules and automatic monitoring help staff to identify any movement outside these parameters.

Since the system is based on real-time locating, the location data is automatically included in the emergency or assistance call. This way the nurses on call can locate and help the client more efficiently.

Since the project launched in May 2013, 30 patients and 6 staff have been using the service in daily life. It is hoped to further develop the service installing equipment in patients' homes.